Oct 9, 2017

Listen: All Eyez On Me - @MirFontane (prod. by @MikeZombie) by @Jephtoda

A well placed tag can leave an impression on any listener. "If Young Metro don't trust you Ima shoot you" always leaves listeners ready for a dope trap song. "Maybach Music" has fans in anticipation for a lush track with hard bars. "Zombie on the Track" brings its audience back to when Drake ran the summer with Started from the Bottom and ready for some sort of anthem. 

Mir Fontane followed through with his Mike Zombie beat giving us the catchy track All Eyez on Me. Gliding effortlessly on the track the south Jersey native leaves us not only a hypnotic hook but also bars that leave you wanting to hear more. Hip hop today is full of crooners however Fontane has managed to stand out with his unique delivery and memorable flow. Bars like "My hometown that's like my mother, my city dying" leave me intrigued and on the edge of my seat to see what else Mir Fontane has in store.