Nov 13, 2017

Listen: Walk on Water - @Eminem & @Beyonce

I must have listened to this song a handful of times every day since it released. I didn't really want to write about it but it's not everyday Eminem and Beyoncé drop new music.

In fact Walk on Water is their first collaboration together period. You haven't lived under a rock you know all about this so I don't talk your ear off. What I even heard is it took a nudge from Hov to get her to sing on this record but the message is so important.

"Cause I'm only human, just like you
Making my mistakes, oh if you only knew
I don't think you should believe in me the way that you do
Cause I'm terrified to let you down"

Yes, Beyhive I'm sorry your Messiah is a human too. Marshall Stans too. Marshall takes us on a trip after the days he washed the blonde dye out and when he left the game for a few years. Em has always been a great storyteller and gives great introspection. This song sounds like a part two to When I'm Gone 12 years later. Just a little less anger. In fact I thought I pressed the wrong button because the music was piano chords and no percussion. Still, both artists floated all over this one. Em's next project is looking more promising than his last two offerings. Listen to walk on water after the break.

Listen: Solar System - @Shaqeyah (Prod by @KenifMuse)

South Jersey songstress Shaqeyah breeds life on wax in a brand new track, Solar System.

Shaqeyah croons to her new love interest over a beat from a frequent collaborator, Kenif Muse. She reflects on his past and how she'd appreciate him better than his last. Musically, She's ready. Her voice, sound, and look are all intriguing. I wonder if Solar System is a new single for a project on the way. We'll keep her in our radar. For now check out Solar System by Shaqeyah below.

Oct 31, 2017

Watch: A Crazy Thing Called Love - @taywalker

I first found Tay Walker listening to him perform Karma on Black & Sexy's web show, The Number. After that I didn't even know I had already heard of him.

He's a frequent collaborator with The Internet and Syd. In fact Karma has two versions. The one featuring The Internet is featured on our Sub-R&B: The Fall Edition playlist coming in at track nine. Tay Walker was the kind of artist that required further digging. In my research I've found this new gem. A Crazy Thing Called Love dropped in June and the video is super cinematic. Don't get this confused with the classic Queen record. This is what true R&B sounds like. Music used to be about love and Tay is no stranger. I'll let Tay tell his own story and we'll be sure to keep him in our radar from now on. Check out the video for A Crazy Thing Called Love after the break.

Oct 30, 2017

Watch: Feel it - @iiamsunnie

This past weekend the Willingboro, New Jersey songstress released the official video for Feel It. Sunnie's Feel It is a single off her latest project, Magic. I previously spoke about the twang in her voice that makes it unique. That rings throughout the project and most definitely on this track.

Take it back to the summer cookouts and feel these vibes in the video below.

Oct 27, 2017

Watch: Delayed Flights - @PassportRav

Upon reading the title of the song and the Mike Tyson interview clip you'd think this would be a boastful song about stamping up a passport.

Passport Rav returns with a self produced track, Delayed Flights. He rhymes about his mantra, Be Fly Stay Hungry! The drums and strings are smooth as hell and he floats lyrically on this beat. One of the themes of our interview with him way back was about staying the road no matter how long the journey takes. The same recurring message is being preached here. This is the song for the late bloomers, don't quit. Oh, and whoever did the animation for this video is amazing! This is just brilliant. Check out the video for Delayed Flights below. Gentrified Snacks EP is on the way!