May 25, 2017

Listen: Blue (Interlude) - @Elhae

Maybe it's just me but I enjoy Interludes and skits on projects. They really add depth and content to an album or EP. Blue Interlude by Elhae is on my long list of those songs I wish were longer. I have an entire playlist on Apple Music titled just that.

Blue provides the meat on the Aura II sandwich. This is his first project in a year. Elhae is one of those crazy underrated sub-R&B acts from Atlanta. I did a short feature on him last year when All Have Fallen released. I often describe Elhae in reference to other artists in this subgenre. I feel like if you like Bryson Tiller you'll like Elhae and maybe more. Opinionated but I think he's better at songwriting, lyrical flow, and vocals on a singing tip where Tiller is a masterful when it comes to beat selection. Don't believe me, just press play.

May 23, 2017

Listen: Good Morning - @whoisalexvaughn feat @oddmojo (prod by @DejuanCrooks)‏

Today's new update takes us from Jersey down 495 to the D(M)V for a new act on our radar, Alex Vaughn.

The singer songwriter first caught my eye with an incredible cover of the classic Aaliyah cut, Are You That Somebody?

A few months back she returned with a new single, Good Morning. Produced by Dejuan Crooks, the song is carried by her strong vocals and sports a dope bassline supported by a nice horn section. Odd Mojo follows up with a 16 in reflection of a sending that risky good morning text. We've all been there once upon a time. The entire aesthetic of their sound screams late 90's R&B and frankly I wouldn't mind waking up to this song as an alarm clock. Check out Good Morning after the break and cop this one on iTunes.

Apr 4, 2017

Review: @Goldlink's #AtWhatCost - Written by @Jephtoda

This album is arguably the best hidden gem in DC. DMV spitter Goldlink shines in his third studio project aptly titled At What Cost. Throughout the project, this 2015 XXL Freshman takes listeners through a very unique journey. 

Throughout the project Goldlink engages the listeners with very uptempo beats that keeps them bobbing their heads and on the dance floor. It's that signature Future Bounce style he created with frequent collaborator, Louie Lastic. Link allows his voice to be his strongest instrument captivating the audiences with its uniqueness. Unlike most artists this voice does not have a strong autotune presence which allows him to standout even more. The mixture of house music, go go, and the clear 90s hip hop and R&B influence gel well together and leaves nothing but good vibes for its audience. Even in darker songs such as We Will Never Die featuring Lil' Dude you can't help but sing along with the catchy hook and move along to the snares and 808s. 

The DC native never forgets his humble beginnings and makes several mentions of his hometown in songs such as Roll Call featuring Mya and Crew with Brent Faiyaz & Shy GlizzyHe also links with fellow DC native Wale for the smooth tune Summatime, which leaves you yearning for those summer nights where you enjoy a cool breeze and take a smoke on your porch. I'd love to see a video for this track. Although the rapping duo both hail from the nation's capital this song has such a west coast feel. 

"Yeah, she call me her hubby, she love me but she in California
Want to be the talk of the town, well move to California"

Although it may seem at first glance that only surface level subjects such as girls and hanging with the homies are Goldink's focus nothing is further from the truth. Throughout the whole project Goldlink picks and chooses when and where to open up personally to his fans. He shows his more vulnerable side when sharing about his mother's stroke in track 2 as well as admitting to the guilt he feels for being successful in the final song. Overall it is a standout project and definitely a much needed change of pace in a music scene that heavily revolves around trap music and quite frankly all sounds the same. One time for "the n*gga with the sick ass mouth and the slick ass flow." In my first review I give Goldlink's At What Cost a 3.7 of 5 stars.

Apr 3, 2017

Listen: Make Me Say - @_TheRealKarma (prod. by @MaccMcCray)

From the moment I heard the Crush on You sample I was immediately gassed for the new Kärma offering. Before I say anything further, Macc McCray, well done.

Kärma really floats on this and talks about her crush on her man. I wasn't sure until now but I really enjoy the Jersey City songstress over remade or samples of classics like Don't Forget Me, sayYes, and House Party from i95 & Wifi. The difference is she is an elite songwriter herself and doesn't just cover the songs as pre-written. She adds her own flavor. Enjoy Make Me Say after the break.