• Sis and Ramsey talk about Girl #3, singing Bite in the shower, and the Trenton music scene in the seventh installment of A-Side B-Side Podcast.
  • Check out Kärma's new video for Likkle More shot by HoMEMADE Films.
  • Ramsey has words for Brick City's Marcus Ariah's lastest offering, Making a Man.
  • see.Francis is back for the first time this year with his new song produced by The Pyrvmids, Lifetime.
  • Episode 2 of Macc McCray's Thanks For Nothing Series continues with the video for Respect, watch that here.

May 11, 2018

A-Side B-Side Podcast Episode 009: @partyxmichael Interview

Party Michael is probably one of the hardest working music industry cats in Jersey. Time and time again I talk about how he's produced or worked with all of my favorite acts (mainstream or otherwise).

I'm glad he made it in to talk to us about what he's up to these days. In this episode we talked about his new single, Letter. We also talked about how he got involved in music in the church, NVR WRY, playing for Tinashe on Good Morning America, and as much as I could get out of him about his forthcoming album. Press play and listen below.

Music in this episode is River Road by Jon Crawford.

May 9, 2018

Watch: 3 AM in Camden - @24kjae__

New on the WTM is Camden native, Jon Crawford.

The reason you need to get hip to his music is the dude can flat out spit. Anyone that has followed the site knows that I love tracks where rappers spit without a hook. It's pure venting and often the most personal of their art. Jon Crawford takes a Drake approach with the title and pours it all out on 3 AM in Camden.

"I ain't lose friends I gained angels. It's called the trap for a reason don't be young and naive."

Wise words and looping punchlines fill this track. It's probably the heaviest of his entire project, Circle of Life. I'll have words on it next week. In the meantime before the review check out the video for 3 AM in Camden below.

May 7, 2018

Listen: The Difference - @CalixDream

I had the pleasure of meeting CalíDream at ThaGreyMatter's The Warm Up that I co-hosted a few months back. She was hanging out with Annalee enjoying the show when I was informed she too was a singer-songwriter and model. I being the detective I am investigated further.

I need you all to understand that this may not exactly be Monday afternoon music. Think lazy Sunday or late night with your lover. The Difference takes us on a walk up the stairs and into the bedroom. CalíDream explains (in great detail) the difference between doinng the naa-naa and making love. I love how this was mixed and I like her voice even more. This seems to be the beginning of something bigger called Sex Vybez Vol. 1. When we figure out more on the Belmar native's music you will too. I think this is a great introduction to a new artist on our radar. Listen to The Difference after the break.

May 3, 2018

A-Side B-Side Podcast Episode 008: Let's Talk Business


Now that that's out of the way, season one of A-Side B-Side Podcast continues with Episode 8. In this show K-Razy and I break down the metrics of the major music streaming platforms, being truly independent, and the pros and cons of being signed. Did you know people still use Napster? I thought that died with Limewire but hey what do I know? On a lighter note we are trying to get an invite to Kyle's wedding and I share an old strip club story. Do yourself a favor and learn something. Press play below.

The music in this episode is Letter by Party Michael.

May 2, 2018

Watch: Heart Drop - @Lowcollege Prod. by @qdottdavis (Shot by @dmffilms)

Dom P and Vueve Cliquot at the dinner table. It's the CivXSav way.

Joe College's Civ X Sav Forever is probably the biggest releases in Jersey this year. He told me it would be in our A-Side B-Side interview. Since it dropped so early in the year. How do you keep the foot on the pedal? Easy. Drop a video. Heart Drop is the first song from the project to get a visual treatment. As expected CivXSav's in house producer, qdotdavis lays down the tunes for College to float on. What y'all may not know about me is I'm a trained wine sommelier. To keep it funky, a fish fry and champagne is a damn good wine pairing I'm just saying. I gotta figure out how to get an invite to the next shoot if they keep cooking like this. Check out the video below.