Feb 4, 2016

Watch: 24K - @nikohigh & @ChazmereBx

Stop wearing that cheap shit that has your neck itchy and looking green. From the Colours of the Culture mixtape, visuals dropped for “24K” featuring NIKO IS & Chazmere. The video is directed by Chris Smith

NIKO IS & Chazmere can be seen walking around NYC with their crew, bumping to the faintly eerie beat with head nodding tones.  The two spit bars about turning 12K into 24K, hence the title.  They are not faking being who they are like some of these other rappers out here.

Colours of the Culture's new mixtape, Roy G. Biv: What A Colourful World features Javotti Media artists Talib Kweli, NIKO IS, K’Valentine and MK Asante alongside Styles P., Thirstin Howl III, Chazmere, The Narcycist and more.  You can download that here and check out the visuals for 24K after the break.