Sep 22, 2017

Listen: Homegirl - @Dougiefmusic feat. @SuperDuperKyle

Dougie F has been building up a lot of steam in the past few years. We're not here to talk about that. Let's talk about now, well last week at least.

New project alert! Yellow Durag dropped a week ago today from the Orange emcee. It's his first full length project since Block Party was released two years ago. In between he's been breaking music on the radio and even NBA TV. He even got a verse from Pitbull on On Purpose a couple years back. This time he enlists the talents of Super Duper Kyle. The duo float on this crossover pop, trap, Jersey Club track, Homegirl. I kind of a cute love song to shorty from round the way. If you like all these genres you'll probably like this too. Press play below.