Dec 4, 2017

Listen: Neighbors - @onlybisi

Let's go back to 2011. For me it was a fun time running around on campus. Trying to train my facial hair and talk to this shorty that lived in C3 of towers.

Passion Pain and Pleasure dropped swiftly after Trey Songz released his Anticipation tape but it was a song on Ready that rang through that basement hallway floor, Neighbors Know My Name. In my case, a classic that sealed the deal for a past lust affair. One I may hold true to my heart to this day. So for Bisi to cover it holds an expectation. Time and time again I used to complain that this Newark Native used too much pitch correction because of how solid his voice is. Well, no more complaints. The diffppl crooner is raw and blessed the cover. He didn't try to sound like Trey, he sounded better. Revisit some old times with me, Neighbors, by Bisi after the break