Jan 17, 2018

Listen: What My Ex Do - @BeanoFrench

Bre threw me the oop on this one. New to WTM Radar is Beano French hailing out of West Philly.

His album, Just Beano dropped a couple days ago and I must say, there are no skips on here. Dude shot 100% from the field for real. One of the standouts on this project is What My Ex Do. The moment I heard the brass section and Mint Condition sample, I knew what time it was. The intro to the classic Pretty Brown Eyes meets a few more hi-hats and and stingy kicks and a brand new beat. Excellent sample and way to make it his and not a remix. When you're done listening to this no texting your ex "Hey big head" at 3AM. Listen to his new song and album on Spotify below.