Jan 30, 2014

Royal Throne: Yonce all on ya iPhone like…..

King B does it again! Trumping the completion by dropping her self titled fifth studio album with no promotion and to top off each song came with a visual. Talk about a mouth full. Beyonce dropped the her album on December 13, 2013 exclusively onto the Itunes Store first then released the psychical copies on Dec, 20 to retailers.

Beyoncé contains fourteen tracks as well as a total of seventeen short films: a video for each track, and two bonus extra videos. It is said to have taken over a year and a half to fully come together.You have to give big kudos to Beyonce’s team. To keep a secret like this for so long must have been hard,but like Jay-Z said #NEW RULES.

I could see good things coming out this surprise album. Artist taking their craft more seriously and maybe even starting a trend into hip hop.
Hip hop artist has already done similar things like when Kanye West released the short film Runaway to go with his album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.  Then you have up in coming artist like  Kendrick lamer who is rumored to have a short film set to come out of Good Kid M.A.A.D City. While artist like Childish Gambino has already released a script for the short film that is his album Because the Internet.

Here are a few videos of Beyoncé telling us what inspired her with certain tracks defiantly worth watching.

You can buy the album on iTunes here or in stores for the hard copy.


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