Jan 20, 2014

The Legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Two Score and eleven years ago a great American in who's symbolic shadow we stand today gave the biggest speech in western society let alone our great nation.

Normally my editorial write ups are about music or art or even sports. Today had to be a little different. The last time I wrote a memorial piece was following the death of the great Don Cornelius. I imagined Dr. King was far more than necessary. He has been deceased for close to 46 years now, and (opinionated) his dream has not yet been realized. Regardless we should take the time out to thank him for his contributions to the civil rights movement in our country. I would just like to thank him on behalf of my generation for his sacrifices. If he had not done what he did, we wouldn't have the opportunity to reach our own dreams. Today isn't a day of "If MLK Jr. was alive would he be happy" speeches; however today we should celebrate his life and his legacy.

and to keep it musical I figured one of my favorite songs will do. Common featuring Will.I.Am presents I Have A Dream.

Your Editor,
Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

Multimedia Journalist, Founder and Chief Editor of WTM Host of A-Side B-Side Podcast and more. I like to talk about stuff and write it down. Sometimes to a microphone. Either way, I need you to feel this.

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