Feb 15, 2014

QuietMan Samford Interview

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QuietMan Samford
QuietMan Samford (Issac Kemp) hails all the way from Flint, MI. Upon the release of his first single Is This What You Really Want featuring little brother Jonah, I got to hop on the phone and do a quick Q&A with the Midwest artist. Check that out below.

WTM: How did you come up with the name QuietMan Sam?

QMS: The name QuietManSamford came about freestyling one night with two of my folks you know lol. Up til about 4am just going and that name rang out. Definitely had to go with it.

WTM: My definition of Art is anything that can be loved or crafted to perfection, What is your personal Definition?

QMS: My definition of Art is simple. A productive skill expressively obtained.

WTM: We grew up with a ball in our hands playing sports and running around. When did you know music and poetry is what you wanted to do?

QMS: Writing was always a great tool for me. It made the process of writing music very lucid for me. Poetry came about first, from there on my thought with music grew over the years as I continued to realize I could make a difference.

WTM: From what I've been hearing, you have been making a lot of noise in your area. What are you doing to showcase your talent? When is the date of your album release?

QMS: The album is set to release June 7th, 2014.

WTM: If you can work with anyone in the industry who would it be? Producers? Guest Verses?

QMS: If I could work with anyone in the game it would be Kenny G or maybe J. Cole.

WTM: When you listen to some artists you can hear other artists in their sound and voice. Your sound is unique and doesn't sound like anybody. How do you do it? Who would you say is your musical influence?

QMS: Certainly so, my music was inspired by a unique variety of lyrical artists. Brother Tupac Shakur was most definitely an influence on my music. I was also inspired by R&B music.

WTM: A lot of people don't know Flint is one of the most dangerous cities in the USA short of Chi-town and Camden, NJ. How do you keep your head above water with all the crime and distractions?

QMS: Positivity is key. Too much negative energy can hurt the progressive of any process. Flint is just like any other city in the US. I don't think about the distractions. When you have a plan you must set goals for yourself and keep your faith in God to reach them. The focus of someone has to be a force in order for any mission to be accomplished.

WTM: Your first single off the album features your little brother, how old is he? Who influenced him to sing at such a young age? Does he write his own lyrics? Can we expect him to do a solo project in the near future?

QMS: Yes my first official single is with little bro, he's ten years old now. I'm not honestly sure who influenced him to sing at such a young age, but pops always pushed him. He doesn't write his own lyrics but when he learns that'll be great.

WTM: The name of the show is What's the Movement?! So, what is your movement? What's next for you? Albums/Mixtapes/Projects? Tours?

QMS: My movement is #924EVER #NobodyBigYet ; much love to my @NobodyBigYet family. After the album in June drops I really want to help release an album for my brother at least as a song writer. Great quality music for an eleven year old (in which he will be then). It's titled Don't Forget to Keep Dreaming. Definitely looking to take some tour trips for sure. Seeing the world, that's important to me. I have to thank God first and foremost. Thanks to my family, big bro, and all my brothers serving in the armed forces. Thanks to all my fans and friends that support me, and my lady for sure. Peace and Love! '92 4EVER
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