May 10, 2014

Royal Throne: SZA's debut EP Z

SZA, one of TDE’s latest signees released her debut EP Z on April 8th.  

I wasn’t too familiar with her work before so I was interested to hear what this Jersey native would bring to the TDE name. Boy was I disappointed; Do not get me wrong she has a cute voice, but it’s a passive voice only meant to be heard on features. I listened to this EP a few times to give it a fair chance. I just came to the same conclusion.

From track one, I could tell that this was going to have peaceful vibe to it.  You also get a soft jazz feel to it as well. The instrumentals were over powering her on almost every song I can’t tell if maybe her voice is too low, or the instrumental was more captivating then her voice. Perhaps remastering was needed or that is the route she went for. The features of Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, and Isaiah Rashad welcome change in the seemingly bland project.

I don’t know how to explain this EP to somebody. Z reminded me of the stuff the “fake deep” singers put together at my school. These are the songs you listen to put you in a neutral mode. I feel it had no substance. It was like you took Jhene Aiko's soulful/peaceful vibe, added Frank Ocean and his incomplete sentences that make little sense.

I believe she has so much potential but none of it is coming out in this project. The best songs on Z were with the before mentioned features. Songs like Babylon with Kendrick, Child's Play with Chance, and Warming Winds with Isaiah Rashad are the ones that caught my attention. In the meantime, she should stick to the features for now. I would like to listen to her in another year when she is better developed as an artist and doesn't need another artist to carry her voice.

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