Jun 5, 2014

In My Ears: Week of 6/1/14 - Ramsey

I'm still new to this segment thing. It's a work in progress. Every week everyone listens to different music I guess. Here goes....

Album of the Week:

This week was a bit different for me. I've been listening to Nostalgia Ultra by Frank Ocean. Novacane, Lovecrimes, Swim Good, We All Try. Kinda a throwback but kinda not. This was the beginning of the songwriting monster that is Lonny Breaux Remember the first time you heard this cut? It made me realize that there was a such thing as an underground R&B industry and not just indie singers out there.

Song on repeat:

Drive Slow by Kanye West featuring Paul Wall. Another kinda throwback, Don't rush to get grown drive slow homie. Whenever I'm city driving and I see a honey through the window I hear Paul Wall's voice telling me to put my hazards on just to talk to her (true story).

Throwback Jawn: This week's throwback for me was the other side of the Throne. Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt. Way too many classics. Arguably my favorite song of all time with Dead Presidents II, Can't Knock the Hustle with (last time's throwback jawn) Mary J. Blige , Feelin' It featuring Mecca, Brooklyn's Finest with The Notorious B.I.G, shall I continue?

Indie track:

The God Complex - Goldlink. I know its an entire project but I couldn't pick just one track. i hope you understand. You flat out need to listen to this emcee fresh out the DMV. Here's his soundcloud. Check out that tape and Thank Me Later no Drake.
Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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