Oct 16, 2014

#RoyalThrone Review: STN/MTN & Kauai - @DonaldGlover by @AQueens_Crown

Last week Childish Gambino's mixtape STN/MTN was released first through his website. I like to call this "The mixtape for Atlanta." Gambino raps about his home town, samples interviews from radio shows, and talks about having a sold out show in the Atrium.  

Honestly, the first time I heard I was expecting a extension of Because of the Internet. Instead reminds me of Royalty. Over all this mixtape was fun. It sounds like when you get a bunch of your boys, and look up instrumentals on YouTube, and start freestyling .You can check it out below.
A couple days later, Kauai was available to stream via Spotify. The EP has more mellow flow compared to STN/MTN, with Donald singing throughout most of it. Giving you that dreamy lover flow. Jaden Smith even makes appearance on a couple of hooks. What stood out most was his spoken word. "My n*gga Jaden Smith dropping jewels and n*ggas don't believe him cause he's Jaden Smith. It's all about the packaging right?" says Fam of the Royalty crew.

If you listen to the last track 3005 Beach remix you can hear that there is only an instrumental Apparently, it is to accompany the secret track. That if you read the script that was accompanied with Because the Internet on the website. There was speak of a secret track, but no one seemed to be able to find it. A user on reedit found it and Glover even confirmed that it was the secret track via twitter.

All and all Kauai was good, you can give it a listen here. You can buy Kauai on iTunes now.

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