Feb 19, 2015

#TBT Thug Motivation 101 Young Jeezy - @Best_ofda_Worst

I was sitting on the train headed to an interview slightly nervous. I think to myself I need something to calm me down, but at the same time give me some reassurance that I'm going to do well. I need that reminder that I hate my money situation right now. The reminder why I need that paycheck. Immediately, I put on my headphones. What happened next? Well that's history. Just know it was everything I needed to hear.

Thug Motivation 101. Young Jeezy's freshman album is one of my most favorite albums to date. From start to finish this album lives up to its title. Although I have never been involved in any illegal activity, I use the lyrics as metaphors I can relate to. He hustles from the trap. My trap is a bit different. The trap is interchangeable between school and home for me. I have hustled my white. I put on these collared dress shirts going to job interviews. I explain why my product (skills) is better than the competitors. Many of us like Jeezy are just individuals looking to arise from our current living standards to achieve our perceptions of greatness or success. That's what Thug Motivation 101 is to me, it's the second word in the title.

This album is hip-hop in its purest form. Anyone with a well enough imagination can pick it up and use it to motivate themselves to go out and hustle to achieve the success they are looking for. This album will always be a high recommendation from me. I don't think there has ever been a time where I have listened to this album and hit skip. It's great listen from start to finish no matter how long ago it was released. My favorite track is the self title, but I recommend Sole Survivor, Trap or Die, and Last of a Dying Breed. Sometimes it's good to go back, so for my Throwback Thursday it's Thug Motivation without question.

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