Mar 5, 2015

#Style - Yeezy Season! by @simONE_OFMYKIND (@kanyewest)

As we all know Kanye West has always "Had a passion for fashion," but how far has this passion gotten Kanye in the fashion world. 

Two weeks ago kicking off New York’s Mercedez Benz Fashion Week, Kanye debuted his Yeezy X Adidas Originals clothing and footwear line. There has been a lot of buzz and anticipation for the new Yeezy sneakers, as many have been questioning can the Adidas Yeezy 750 Boosts live up to the hype and fill the shoes of the Nike Air Yeezys (no pun intended). This is not Kanye's first attempt at fashion in October 2011 he unveiled his line but unfortunately that ship sunk. Fashion Critics were unimpressed by Kanye's step into the fashion world. Some even suggesting to Kanye to stick to rapping. From the pieces presented at his show we can see that the theme of this clothing line, Yeezy Season 1, is a lot of sportswear and very casual street wear. The colors of the pieces are mainly very neutral and earth tone shades.

On February 21st the Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost debuted selling out all 9,000 pairs. With very minimal design and detail unlike the Nike Air Yeezys the shoe’s most selling feature is the boost cushioning technology which offers a lot more comfort and support.  The Yeezy Boost appears to also be a much lighter shoe compared to the original Air Yeezy. Although the two shoes are completetly different in features, the mid sole strap also appears on the Yeezy Boost, probably one of the shoes most appealing features.  With time hopefully we will see more colorways as we saw for the Nike Air Yeezys, right now only the original gray colorway is available.

In many interviews, Kanye West has mentioned his clothing line, Yeezy Season 1 to be revolutionary and groundbreaking in the fashion word, the pieces definitely will catch your eye but I would not go as far and saying revolutionary. During late 2013 through today sportswear and casual wear have become a big trend in fashion. From street-style to on the runway we can find tons of sportswear looks that have been making a statement. Kanye West uses this growing trend as the theme of Yeezy Season 1 .  Many of the pieces from this line are also distressed and oversized.  The pieces that stood out the most during the show were the bomber jackets, the oversized backpack, and the shoes. Another highlight piece of Yeezy Season 1 was the camouflage ,oversized jacket that Kim Kardashian wore to the show. Many of the clothes looked very generic and wasn’t much different from clothes we have seen in stores, or even DIY (do it yourself) clothes. Crop tops made from tube socks, oversized crewnecks, jogger sweatpants, and distressed tops, all things you would definitely expect Yeezy to create. Two more shoes from the line were worn on the runway,the Yeezy Boot and the Yeezy Boosts low.  I would wear the Yeezy Boosts Low before I would wear the Yeezy 750 Boosts. The silhouette of the Yeezy Boosts Low is very similar to Nike Roshes. Not only do they look more trendy, but also look much more comfortable and more like a sneaker should look.

The retail price of the Yeezy 750 Boost was $350 while the Nike Air Yeezy had retailed at $215.  The highest I have seen the Yeezy 750 Boosts going for on eBay has ranged in the thousands. The highest, $10,000. The prices of the clothes has not been announced yet, but during a Breakfast Club interview Kanye mentioned that sometime in the future he would love to see his clothes being sold at H&M and Zara prices so  everyone can have access to his products. Contrary to our beliefs Kanye is not a big fan of his products being limited to only certain people, and does not think that material things should have the power to separate people. Very surprising coming from Kanye but that is a very valid point and respected statement.

With the new Adidas collaboration , Kanye is working towards more release dates announced  prior, opposed to the surprise releases. There has been no word on the next release or release date, but there have been rumors that we will be seeing the Yeezy 750 Boost in a black colorway and the Yeezy Boosts Low  around Summer 2015. As far as the clothes Yeezy Season 1 will be available Fall/Winter 2015. Yeezy Season? We’re looking at more of Year of the Yeezy, stay tuned. Wanna see the fashion show itself look at that below after the break.


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