Mar 19, 2015

#TBT Channel Orange - Frank Ocean by @RamseySaidWHAT

You know I was just sitting here today like, where's Frank?

Since I'm sure most of you have been asking the same question I figured I'd review an old piece, Channel Orange by Frank Ocean. Sometimes it's hard to believe we haven't heard new music from Francis Breaux since July 2012. I'd like to consider this a classic. It finished 2nd in the R&B Albums of the Year 2012 back when What's the Movement was just a tumblr page. Couldn't top Miguel that year but still Channel Orange was equally deep and really could have been interchangeable as far as lists go. Let's get to it.

Thinking Bout You was a smash single for that spring and summer. I swear everyone with a youtube page made a cover to it. That song and it's covers even made some artists as big as they are today like Tori Kelly, Bridget Kelly, hell even Bieber made a cover with Jaden Smith. Anyways songs I also enjoyed were Super Rich Kids and Pink Matter featuring Earl Sweatshirt and Andre 3000 respectively.  Forrest Gump was a super deep song at the time. He came out about his sexual orientation days before the album and Forrest Gump touches base on how his lover runs through his mind. "Love's between Love and Love" right? Crack Rock hit me the deepest on the album. Lyrics were a testament to what's gone on in the last generation of blacks in this country and our own. "Crooked cop dead cop, no good for community. Fuckin pig gets shot, 300 men will search for me, My brother gets popped, don't no one hear a sound. Don't no one hear the rounds." I could take this article somewhere else but I already went there before. Crack Rock blends right into Pyramids perfectly. It was one of those two part (Timbaland style) songs that starts as a stripper jam and ode to Cleopatra. It ends with John Mayer and an electric guitar solo (we know how I like those).

Channel Orange was a hit, still is. Amazing songwriting and vocals for a debut album. There was not one skip on this album. As amazing as it was it kinda left us wondering...Where's Frank? You can't just drop something like that on us and disappear. Prayerfully we'll be hearing from him soon enough.  Maybe he's going for a surprise Beyoncè kinda release, who knows but he.
We wouldn't want another J. Holiday on our hands (no pun intended, I hear he's dropping something this year too). Anyways enjoy Channel Orange below until you get to hear what's next. When that happens peep What's the Movement.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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