Mar 26, 2015

#TBT Its Dark and Hell is Hot - DMX by @Best_ofda_Worst

How old were you when you found out your favorite genre of music? What was the first song? What was the first album? What artist made you realize how beautiful that particular music was to you?

The year was 1998. I was seven years old when I first head Ruff Ryders Anthem by DMX. Now this wasn't the first rap song I heard but this is the one that stood out. Now, to a kid I wasn't fully comprehending the lyrics at the time but the hook is what caught me. The video kept my eyes flued to the TV. I listened to that song so much it became the first real song I knew lyric for lyric in its entirety. At the time I knew of Biggie and Pac but at this point they had passed. I knew Jay-Z and Nas but I wouldn't really listen to them until a few years later but for DMX? I was hooked. "Yo, Play that X while I give you this #TBT review of It's Dark and Hell is Hot.

I rock with this album heavy as you can see by the sappy into but I grew up with this album blasting in my speakers while me and the crew crowded the room playing WCW vs NWO on N64. Classic. In this album X gives so much raw intensity in his lyrics it's almost scary listening to him. This is what hunger sounds like. The desperation of a lost soul growing in a community of people willing to do the grimiest of things to eat X tells you from his perspective what it's like to feel his hunger, the classic "I'm not the one to f@&* with" rap. X lets you know he only cares about two things in this album: his next meal and loyalty, hence the constant reference to dogs. The album's title is perfect for the tracks listed. It's very dark, gritty, and savage. I imagine what a life it is to go through coming up in Yonkers, NY. The depression one may face as to always having to watch his back while on the prowl for others who aren't watching theirs. The intensity of this album is unmatched even to today. This was a great album from start to finish leaving the skip button untouched. The album contains classics like Ruff Ryders Anthem and Get at Me Dog, but may I recommend Look Thru My Eyes, Let Me Fly, Damien, Stop Being Greedy, and For My Dogs.


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