Apr 23, 2015

Listen: Girls That Dance - @Masego24 & @Medasinmusic

Better late than never.

Let me tell a story. One day I hang out with an artist and we did an impromptu interview. Afterward we talked about favorite producers and they mentioned this guy, Masego. Synths, Trap, and a jazz alto-saxophone. I listen and it's amazing point blank. Let's fast forward to me and the man tweeting each other, and i get a call from my ex. Funny enough, she's a mutual friend of the both of us telling me to stop gassing. The internet really does make the word insanely small. Anyways, Masego has been getting a ridiculous amount of buzz from the DMV area. Next on his plate is a collab project with producer, Medasin, titled The Pink Polo EP. The duo dropped a new track, Girls That Dance. The song encompasses the before mentioned synths trap and jazz. Masego even does an incredible and creative job on vocals scatting his way through the song. This is the music of the future, the rest of the world gotta just catch on. I tell you that this can be on your parents cookout music playlist as well as your own pregame before the party. The music intertwines entire generations. Listen to Girls That Dance below, enjoy.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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