Apr 2, 2015

Listen: Warlord Leather - @Alchemist feat. @EarlXSweat & @ActionBronson

Every once in awhile you can find some gems from great artists that don’t really appear on any albums. Dubbed throwaway tracks, they are anything but trash. Sometimes they were songs that couldn’t make the album due to sample clearances or other label bullshit and were put out as a free gift of sorts to the fans. Other times they were just recorded for fun and put out as such. In any case, we just got a gem.

To commemorate the release of the new albums by Earl Sweatshirt and Action Bronson, super producer Alchemist released Warlord Leather on his SoundCloud. If seeing those three names involved on one track doesn’t get you amped, I don’t know what to tell you. Also, get the fuck out of my face, duke.

Alchemist laces the two rappers with a minimalistic beat that initially banging gong that reappears throughout the song. The drums give off a jungle type vibe without being too gimmicky. The overall song is punctuated with periodic guitar riffs that have a smoky and vintage sound. Earl starts it off and winds up naming the song when he says “Now I’m at the Waldorf stressin’/ Fidget with the zipper on my warlord leather.”

His verse seems to paint a picture of assassins that feels like a Tarantino film. He ends with a basketball pun that sets up Action Bronson’s verse. In true Bronsolino fashion, he uses a stream of conscious flow that builds creative lines with witty and random references to anything under the sun.  You can’t go wrong when you have these three dudes collaborating. Not sure why it didn’t make it to someone’s album, but I’m glad it got released as a freebie. Check Warlord Leather below and look for Simone's review of Earl Sweatshirt's new album as well as my review of Action Bronson's new album coming soon.


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