Apr 13, 2015

Step into Spring in #Style: Fashion Tips for the season by @simone_ofmykind

Spring, is that you playa?

Well, yes spring is here and all that beautiful weather we're expecting is right around the corner. Finally. We can lose the coats but don't worry. Keep the timbs for a little longer so before you put all your winter clothes in storage, you're still going to need some of that. It's been a rough winter and for most of us the main concern was trying to stay warm not dress to impress. It's safe to say I'm more than ready to see fresh new looks bloom this season. What to wear in the spring can be a little messy. There are so many options and the weather is always unpredictable but with these 7 spring fashion tips you'll look your best every day this season. 

1. Ditch the coat it's time to break out that jacket 

Once the weather breaks at a steady 50 degrees and higher you'll no longer need those bulky winter coats. Be gone! Replace that North Face with a dope Nike Windbreaker, a sleek moto jacket, or the classic denim jacket. Whatever caters the best to your style, but it never hurts to change it up a bit. These three key pieces are versatile and work with whatever your style may be. Great thing about these jackets is being able to plan your outfit around it, so jacket on or off you'll still look just as fly. In addition to the three canvas jackets and military jackets are great for the spring.

2. Brighten Up

Don't fear a little color here and there. Add some bright hues to your wardrobe, but know what colors look best on you. For months we've been hiding behind the dull dark colors, but for the months ahead don't be hesitant to step out in some nice pastels. Mint green, soft coral, and lavender are some spring colors that are in every year. If pastels just aren't for you, consider some red and blue pieces to mix in your wardrobe. Keep the graphic tees ready also. Graphic tees can add a lot to an outfit as long as they are worn correctly. They add a little splash of color and they're another piece that can be dressed up or down. Remember there is nothing wrong with adding some color to your life, just don't make the mistake of being a little too bright.

3. Keep the layers, just don't over do it

For the cooler spring days don't forget it's still okay to layer. Sweatshirts are always a go to throw on under a windbreaker. Hoodie, crewnecks, zip-ups, etc. Depending on the look you're trying to achieve or how you're comfortable dressing zip up hoodies can also work underneath a moto jacket. As far as layering with a denim jacket I usually choose to layer a long sleeve tee, with a simple cardigan. Another highly favored layering look I've seen for the chilly April days/nights is a hoodie under a denim jacket, also double jacketing. Example, a leather jacket on top of a denim jacket. This can be done with any two light spring jackets.

Multicolor Windbreaker courtesy Nike
4. Be prepared for the rainy days

April Showers bring May flowers, just make sure you check the weather and have the right gear before you head out. Styles of raincoats have been getting more and more appealing,everyone should have one. You can find classic styled raincoats in any color, or you can go for a sleeker look with a trench coat. If the sporty look is more up your alley there are plenty of sportswear styled raincoats or all weather jackets, similar to the look of a windbreaker. Rainboots have also evolved, they now do their job but also are made to be very stylish. I've seen rain boots in so many great colors and dope styles as well as patterns, they've come a long way. Definitely consider adding a pair to your footwear collection this spring. 

5. Its not summer yet

I don't want to see shorts until late may. Even if the weather gets super warm just relax you'll have three and a half month to show out in the summer outfits no need to get a head start in April.  The shorts, all white, the sundresses, bucket hats, anything that is meant to be worn during the summer please refrain from wearing before late May. I'm warning you you'll look way too eager. It just doesn't make sense to throw on some high waisted cut off shorts just because it hit 75 degrees, instead throw on a nice flowy dress with a cardigan and denim jacket. And for the guys it is not bucket hat season just yet, why not cop a couple retro baseball caps, newsboys hats, or caps with some vibrant all over print. 

6. Map out some key pieces you must have for this spring 

Before you do some spring shopping think about what you'll really need. If you can do so go ahead and ball out, but if you're not trying to spend all your coins know what is already in your closet that will get the most use this season. I like to make a list of five to eight pieces I know I'd really love to be apart of my wardrobe the spring. Even if you are a person that does not usually follow trends, there's nothing wrong with knowing what the hot items are for the season. On my list are vintage windbreakers, Nike Roshe Runs, boyfriend jeans, lightweight infinity scarves, red pants or jeans, printed caps, denim shirts (must have,so versatile), and a few cute dresses for the days I want to be extremely girly.

7. So what's trending for this spring??
Custom Nike Roshe Runs

 This spring, yellow is going to be a key color as well as red,peach,and blue and white together. For the ladies a few big trends this spring are shirtdresses ( button down style), baggy denim, slides and sneakers, sleeveless blouses, the Basket Bag, white blazers, floral print dresses (as always), and denim skirts (above the knee but NOT mini skirts). For the guys, the big trending items are statement stripes, minimal baseball caps, flat caps (newsboys hats), canvas jackets, print short sleeve button downs, technicolor trainers, and as always boat shoes and loafers. To stay on top of what's trending for the season some IG accounts you should follow are @fashionbeanscom, @polyvore, @fashionbombdaily@trendsspotter, @mensfashionpost, and @nytimesfashion.

We all have our own unique style, but this spring don't be shy to experiment with some new looks while still perfecting your own. You'll never know how good something looks on you if you don't try it. For me, the preppy look doesn't work year round, but during the spring I'm such a fan of this look. I make it work for me, and usually love how it turns out. Anybody can do preppy and spring is the time to try. Spring is such a stylish season take advantage of it.With some great clothes and shoes, and accessories to put finishing touches on your look, you will look great. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good. Happy Spring!


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