Jun 25, 2015

Utopia|LDZ Review #QuincyVidal (@leeocious & @ceofqv) by @RamseySaidWHAT & @AQueens_crown

Quincy Vidal at Black Bear Bar Brooklyn NY
A few months back the WTM squad went to a Chelsea Reject show in Brooklyn. Meet rap/singing duo Quincy Vidal hailing from Brooklyn the birthplace of hip-hop.
After the show we listened to their most recent project Utopia|LDZ, a duel sided project that is an unique presentation of sound that draws you in from start to finish. Clever lyrics, and jazz influences makes for a great combination for this group. The project overall gives you a soulful chill vibe, but even as individuals works they still hold their own.

Le'Asha's Side A, Utopia, had a female empowerment concept. Songs like Runandtellyourdaddy, and Ooooh tell a tale of how she knows her game is fire and how she won't let any one try to control her decisions. Le'Asha isn't afraid of expressing her sexuality throughout her verses. "Run and tell yo daddy you had a woman today. Rock yo world, toes curled forgot yo girl's name." As the words whisper into your headphones you can't help but fantasize about a beautiful young woman changing your world exactly how she says. The single Who Knows featuring Gabriel Garzon-Montano also stood out. The jazz elements cross over with hip-hop and Le'Asha's domineering sexual references meeting Garzon's unique voice make this song a fan favorite.

CE on the adverse side of things dropped LDZ. It was peaceful and kept the listener in a tranquil state of mind for as long as they listened. Trains emerged from the rest. When you dive into the song it's relatable, and I'm glad someone else out there wonders and thinks the same way I do. The idea of finding love on a train has always been intriguing and we are on the same page there. Accidents was also enjoyable. CE serenades his love through song. Niambi comes through on the assist and delivers with flair. The two profess and riff and croon throughout. LDZ the self titled track and first single was another jam. The production took an eerie approach and an interesting way to open up his side of the project. Stupid Love with Starchild is also another upbeat lover's ballad. As I say on-air in my best Issac Hayes voice, "This one's for the lovers in the place tonight."

If you ever get to see them live I think they put on a great set. R&B, Hip-Hop and Jazz definitely resonate within the duo. I also enjoy that they use a live band with their music rather just rap over instrumentals. Kind of reminds me of The Roots meets Chance the Rapper meets Childish Gambino. Maybe that's why we enjoyed Surf (with Donnie Trumpet & Social Experiment (review coming soon)) so much? The best part is both artists are great vocalists as well as emcees.You can check out there latest project along with their other work at https://quincyvidal.bandcamp.com. You can stream Utopia/LDZ below as well. Hope you enjoy as we have.


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