Jul 28, 2015

Editorial Review: The Pink Polo EP - @UncleSego & @MedasinMusic(by @RamseySaidWHAT)

I'm not gonna waste too much time with backstory. Like the rest of you all I've been awaiting The Pink Polo EP from Masego & Medasin since our ears were first blessed with Girls That Dance. Simply put, they call it traphousejazz. Let's get right into it.

The project kicks off with Shut Up & Groove. This was the second single released on this project. Alter Ego Uncle Sego visits this track telling a tale of him and a young gal as he puts it. "You feelin' me, and I'm feelin' you. What we gonna do? Shut up and groove!" The hook plays and Masego matches Medasin's production with a alto saxophone solo of his own. Perfect. Next up is Bounce. "Feelin that strength of the rump!" Masego repeats after the Baltimore club music classic jam. "I know, you know, she know, when the beat drop she gon' bounce that butt." he continues, and right on cue the beat drops. This is a fun dance track for the club, radio, and house when you cleaning your kitchen home alone.The bridge is a young brotha's confessional in a party. He pleads for the gents to get off the wall and for the ladies to get off their phone and just dance.

Track three, TrapScat (Get Loose) is the Medasin coming out party. Masego lays down scats but it's the production and jam session that I really enjoyed most about this track. These two clearly make great music together neither upstaging the other in such a chic manner. TrapScat is followed up by Sego Hotline. Sego Hotline features frequent Masego collaborator and producer Krs. Simplicity is key and Uncle Sego makes another appearance. He solves the Team Apple/Android and OOVOO vs FaceTime war. All you gotta do is switch your plan and call "Nine Nine Six Eight Eight Four Four." I'm embarrassed to say I tried a few area codes and called hoping to reach Uncle Sego. We checked out his show at SOBs (which he tore down I might add) where he, his DJ, and MC two stepped liked the grown folks. My cousin, girlfriend and I are still trying to figure that step out. Anyways, it's still team iPhone. Track four is Throwin' Shade. This is a smooth elevator jawn meets trap production. The music is so complex and different from anything else we heard this year or ever if we're being honest. Sego is tired of hearing the same thing so he takes matters into his own hands.
Masego performing at SOBs (photo by Jonathan Ramsey)

Following that is Sunday Vibes. I especially love this joint because the melody is the breakdown from Senorita by Justin Timberlake and Pharell. It's not a remix or cover but the duo added their TrapHouseJazz twist to it. Girls That Dance, the first single followed up. The song retains his replay value and reminds us on why we fell in love with Masego and Medasin  in the first place. The EP concludes with a Medasin remix to JR Jarris' Love Be Like. This song sounds dope live. Just as you're losing yourself in the the song, the beat drops and hard. Trap takes over where a hook would be located musically. You could see yourself in a club or any venue where everyone is jumping, clapping, and dancing. Beautifully done.

Some may argue that the EP lacked in lyrical dexterity. I think that is a positive attribute of the project. Lyrics weren't something they lacked. It was just enough where they didn't reach or do the most. In fact, they did the best. Jazz Scat took the place of lyrics and the alto sax created the melody on some songs. The Pink Polo EP is so groovy. I played it on repeat for my July 4th BBQ at my crib. The verdict, Pink Polo is young and old head approved. Everyone I suggested this to still listens a month or so later. It was clearly experimental but clever. The boldness of genre crossing was a sheer EARgasm. My girlfriend described this as the most innovative project she'd heard in years. I think this is the epitome of what a music artist is. This is what music is supposed to sound like. It's so futuristic but contains elements even our elders could respect. I'm interested to see what's next. Perhaps hip-hop might even steer to this route. I could easily hear A$AP Rocky, Goldlink or even a Dougie F on this kind of music. I've never heard anything like this before, and it needs to be shared with absolutely everyone.

I'm sorry to say I don't have a favorite track because they all were awesome. There is not one skip on this album. Maybe in the future we can talk about it (and that step I'm trying to learn (preferably in front of of camera)) with the DMV and Dallas artists. All in all this could be certified classic as far as I'm concerned. The Pink Polo EP gets 4.91 of 5 stars on the Ramsey Rating Scale. I'm so excited to see what's the next movement for Masego and Medasin. Until then we have a groovy EP you can stream below. Also stay tuned for the Girls That Dance Video.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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