Jul 13, 2015

Listen: Radio Ready - @A1_MostDope feat. @JoeCollege10 ; A Niles P. Joint

It was once said by my homegirl Nadia that “North Jersey is a fake ass NYC, South Jersey is a fake ass Philly. The Shore is the real New Jersey.”

While I had a laugh at the regional pride, I have to admit that the bulk of Jersey’s best rappers have been from up north. Fortunately the Jersey Shore has a couple of terrific emcees that are heating up, one an upstart and one more established. MostDope and Joe College have been putting in work separately and now have finally collaborated on the former’s track They Don’t Want This On The Radio. The beat is tranquil and stripped down; the piano serves as a perfect complement to MostDope’s reflective lyrics. The Asbury Park rookie reaches across the city line and calls on Neptune’s finest for a guest spot. Joe College comes through and blesses the track with a perfect lyrical accompaniment. Their chemistry evokes memories of Nas and AZ. This is a profound composition that is scarce on the hip hop scene, both local and national. Even if the title rings true, we all need more songs like this. These two dudes could conceivably open the floodgates and inspire more emcees from the shore to step their bars up. Until then, they have the area on lock. Check out They Don’t Want This On The Radio below and be on the look out for MostDope and Joe College to drop more material and play more shows in their respective careers. Something tells me that this collaboration will bear more fruit in the future. Listen to the track below after the break.


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