Aug 17, 2015

In Case You Missed It - #Euphoria - @Moruf88 & @IAmImanOmari

Let's go back to a couple years back. Shades of Moo hadn't been released yet. Garden State to Live was still in rotation and we got nice loosies like Jasmine. The point is we were wondering when we'd here the new Moruf project. Fast forward a little bit of time and he touring with Stalley. Who knows how or when but he got to link with an awesome producer named Iman Omari. The duo collaborated and created something quite on unorthodox from what we have heard before. Let's get to the music.

The tape opens with a self-titled introduction. Very eerie sounding production blares through your headphones. Omari croons over the beat and verse one. Enter Moruf in the second part of the intro. It's interesting to hear his voice altered and edited to a slightly higher pitch. Nonetheless, great way to open up a project. Track two, Clutch! I actually spent a lot of time trying to find the melody but frankly there isn't one in a flipped song like Iman Omari trademarks. The melody comes solely from Moruf and his lyrics and Omari and his singing in the second verse. This trends throughout the tape. In fact, SLY!, Fallen, and Get Envolved do the same thing. My favorite joint on this album is School Daze. I've always loved how Moo uses skits from scenes of old movies in the intros to his song. So of course he does the same with School Daze and name dropping a bunch of classic 90s movies and TV like Next Friday, Kids, Family Matters, Fat Albert, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, and others. I also really enjoyed The Path. Omari shows out his soulful vocals over a crazy beat. It pissed me off how long I sat there trying to figure out the sample he flipped the beat from. I swear I had my tongue on it but had to give up so if you're reading this it's never too late.

I suggest you listen to this through headphones rather than speakers. Iman Omari outdid himself producing. Moruf still gave us the classic hip-hop sound we all love him for. When I first heard this tape I actually despised it. Not because it was bad but because I didn't understand it. Myself, like all things have to grow up to appreciate it for what it really is. I'm glad to say Euphoria was just that for me. Stream Moruf & Iman Omari's Euphoria below.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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