Aug 18, 2015

Listen: Don't Need It Remix - @Rapsody feat. @JoeyBadass& @MernaKilledAyah; A Niles P. Joint

Rapsody performing at The Come Up Radio showcase
Collaborations in hip hop can be tricky.

Every fan usually creates ideal scenarios in their mind in which their favorite artists pair up over an instrumental styled to their choosing in order to make an unforgettable song. Being that we’re in the age of social media, rappers are inundated with requests from fans in the vein of “Yo, make a song with _____, that would be sweet!” For any number of reasons these dream matches don’t usually happen, leaving many fan collabo dreams deferred. Amazingly, one of my collaboration dreams came true recently.

Snow Hill, North Carolina met Flatbush, Brooklyn. Jamla met Pro Era, South met East. If you don’t know by now, Rapsody finally made a song with Joey Bada$$. Rapsody released the remix to Don’t Need It from her deluxe version of Beauty and the Beast. Songstress Merna is along for the ride and adds her illustrious singing talents to an already elegant production. The production comes from studio legend Young Guru and sounds like the musical version of Parisian architecture. Rapsody continues her ascension to the upper echelon of everyone’s list of best/favorite rappers and Joey shows his lyrical ability can be used on to complement any feature he’s on. I’m not sure if this is a prelude or a loosy but either way bump this as often as possible and appreciate that two of the brightest rising stars (and possible saviors) in hip hop linked up. Here’s to hoping for more from them.


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