Aug 19, 2015

Listen: Try - @Moruf88

Moruf has had a crazy week with the updates.

This update is probably the deepest. The thing I've always loved about the Newark emcee is how personal he is. I always praise artists that aren't afraid to let you in. That's exactly what he did on this new track titled Try. Try uses the piano chords from XXYYXX's Piano Song. In fact he does no rapping and sings about fear. It ends with a skit and real conversation Moo had with some friends. "It's easier not to try than to try. It's cuz n*ggas is scared to fail." he says. No word yet if this is part of a new project or just a loosie. This one hits home and I need yall to feel this. Listen below.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

Multimedia Journalist, Founder and Chief Editor of WTM Host of A-Side B-Side Podcast and more. I like to talk about stuff and write it down. Sometimes to a microphone. Either way, I need you to feel this.

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