Aug 31, 2015

#RoyalThrone: @mickjenkins -Wave[s] Review

Have you guys been drinking more water?

In 2014 Mick Jenkins released The Water[s] which some may call an instant classic. He delivered a conscious message about truth which challenged the listener to really think. His slick wordplay shows us why he is becoming a strong voice on the hip-hop scene.

So what would Jenkins bring to the table with the release of his latest EP? He keeps up with his trending theme of "water" with a title of Waves. Could it be an extended version of Water[s]? Much to my surprise, it unexpectedly wasn't. Surprised but glad for it. With Wave[s] Jenkins not only gives you the truth that came with the release of Water[s], but he also gives us something to dance to. The best of both worlds of turn up fun with lyrical content and dexterity. Wave[s] is just as the title describes. WAVES! The wavy tunes I could play to get the party grooving yet it still carries that smart vibe.

Straight out the gate Alchemy tells you how Jenkins is feeling. "Flooded the market, murdering flows it's blood of the carpet." He carries on with crafted word play. That sets up the next song Slumber ft Saba, Sean Deaux, and Donnie Trumpet perfectly. Jenkins later gives us songs to vibe with, with the previous released Get up Get Down. He even opens up a little more this time around with songs about love. Tracks like Your Love and The Giver can attest to that. Your Love was wonderfully produced with Kaytranada's trademark house and bouncy sounds. He isn't too bad singing his own hook on that track as well The BAMA product even let us know heartbreak with 40 Below. 40 Below samples a skit from the classic movie Boomerang. The scene is made famous by Halle Berry's rant on men and their inability and misunderstanding of what love really means. This fades directly into Jenkins crooning "Why'd you get so cold?" Electro beats meet boom bap production and mick lays down the verses with flare.

Overall, I fully enjoyed Wave[s]. Though the change of pace in content is a little different, Jenkins still delivers classic flows, and lines. This time he adds a more entertaining draw that makes people groove as well as think too. The features were superb and didn't draw the attention away from the project as a whole. You can really see the artist development between the two pieces and Mick Jenkins has nowhere to go but up. Waves gets a 3 of 5 on the Royal Throne rating scale. You can listen to the project in it's entirety below.

So you have to tell me what were you expecting with waves, and did Jenkins deliver?

Mick Jenkins with our editor at AfroPunk '15

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