Sep 21, 2015

@KirkKnight Late Knight Special Preview

For a long time I felt as if Kirk Knight was overlooked in comparison to his labelmates and colleagues. When hearing the announcement of an entire project, I knew that wasn't the case.

If any of you are Pro Era fans, like myself I know you couldn't wait to hear this Kirk Knight offering. For a long time we knew him as a producer as he's laid beats for his labelmates and others including Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly, and even Chelsea Reject. Not only is he a producer but he's talented as a rapper and does well providing guest verses for the aforementioned artists and many more. Since hearing his verse on Amethyst Rockstar from Joey's Summer Knights mixtape and his spot on the Pro Era Cypher I knew this cat was ready for stardom.

According to the Pro Era site "This fall Kirk Knight will deliver his debut project, Late Knight Special via Pro Era/Cinematic on October 30th. The project features, Joey Bada$$, Mick Jenkins, Thundercat, & more and is fully produced by Kirk Knight himself with coproduction by Thempeople." It's safe to say we have a lot to look forward to. It's safe to say his last name's play on words is a recurring theme we can expect from the Brooklyn spitter. He's actually released a few singles that you can listen to after the break. It's also safe to say you can expect a review of the project in it's entirety soon after. You can pre-order Late Knight Special on iTunes now!

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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