Sep 23, 2015

Listen: College Sport - @JoeCollege010; A Niles P. Joint

Awhile back after WTM wrapped up a couple interviews at CIVxSAV headquarters, Joe College played us a few tracks he was working on. 

The dopest one of the batch used a slowed down sample of Hardrive’s classic House track Deep Inside as a backdrop for College’s placid yet supremely self assured flow. He explained to us that he liked house music but didn’t want to rap over a fast paced track. At the time I thought it was genius and was amped for the song to come out.

It was released under the title College Sport on Friday night. I liked the rough version I initially heard, but I LOVE the way the new version is mastered and mixed. Producer TyLetThatShitKnock takes a time-honored song from a different yet similar genre and rebuilds it while still retaining enough hallmarks from the original. Deep Inside was an upbeat dance track. College Sport is equal parts mellow and tough. This could be played at a summer cookout or in the car on the way to a rap show in the cold ass East Coast winter. The last third of the song takes it further and muffles the chorus and adds backing vocals, which sounds like you're stepping either outside of the party to catch a breather or into a back room to discuss business while others dance. It's a masterful effect from the producer and engineer.  

Check out College Sport after the break. If this shit doesn't make you want to hit the Polo and Nike stores (peep the Agassi joints on the song’s artwork) to get some flavorful new gear for the grimy ass cold months, I don’t know what to tell you.


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