Sep 14, 2015

#Royalthrone Review: @missjillscott - Woman (written by: @AQueens_Crown)


That's exactly what Jill Scott did on her latest album WomanI loved everything about this album. It's filled with songs about female empowerment, lessons on love, relationships, and growth as a person spiritually. Jill Scott has always been one of those classic strong voices in the R&B and soul scene. With this album, she shows us that she has no plans of slowing down. With the world of R&B changing, it's nice to know there are still strong voices that don't need to conform to mainstream bullsh*t and tendencies. Tyrese and his self- proclaimed "War on R&B" shows these voices can still stand and be great.
Let's get back to the music. The intro Wild Cookie talks about not letting your "cookie" run things, and how you should look for love to fulfill you instead of lust. She sings about getting herself together, eating right, getting her mind right, and talking to God more. It's all preparation for the day when the love of her life comes along. She balances all of this as she she is still superwomen running around doing everything to take care of her business.

There are also tracks like Fool's Gold where she sings about situations I'm sure we all have encountered one time or another.

"Living a dream believing things that just ain't true."

Here she puts end to a failed relationship, but going back just for some ClosureCrusin talks about taking your time to breath to decide if a person is right for you. Instead of  jumping into relationships to fast. The album only had one feature BJ the Chicago Kid on Beautiful Love. Making it a perfect love ballad to close the album.

Each song provided light to a situation that either someone I know or myself have been through. I felt like this album was lesson book for everyone not just women (Men hurt too!). Her lessons on love are informative. At the same time, you should check out her interview that she did where she talks about the process of making Women with the breakfast club here. You can also stream the album in it's entirety below. From the Royal Throne to you. Enjoy.


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