Oct 19, 2015

In My Ears: Editor's Picks Week of 10-18-15

Sometimes you guys have to go easy on us music bloggers. Checking submission boxes, sifting through emails, beats, press kits, and the dreaded twitter dms. This suff adds up. This music stuff can turn from love to a job really quick if you don't catch yourself.This past week I spent some time listening to music leisurely and it's the best I've felt in a while. Let's get to it.

Album of the Week:

Louie Lastic - Soulection White Label: 015

You may have heard Louie Lastic producing tracks with Goldlink and his God Complex album. The two of them make awesome future bounce together but Lastic is simply a monster. Even if it is by himself. Soulection blessed us with this EP that can be heard below. Only three tracks but pure food to your ears. My favorite of the trio is I Need Girls which samples part two of the Diddy classic I Need a Girl featuring Mario Winans.

Songs on Repeat: 

III Life: The Biggest Troll Ever - Childish Gambino

When you are in a certain space you listen to certain music. When you've grown and outgrown the situation, you usually move on sonically as well. A little bit of drama (that will not be publicly mentioned) went down and I had to travel back to a time in my life to reflect. I may not be the kid in the camp anymore but this track still goes. Listen to the plight of Donald Glover (and myself) below.

Don't - Bryson Tiller

On a much lighter note the WTM fam got to congregate at Zuri's. While everyone has a drink in hand and converse amongst themselves I'm sitting here listening to this gem on her playlist. Don't is probably the best song on Bryson Tiller's TRAPSOUL. I really do enjoy this subgenre of R&B and Hip-Hop. Bryson Tiller delivers, listen to Don't below.

Throwback Jawn: Selfish Slum Village

While chatting with Niles' regarding his Illa J piece that will release later on this afternoon, the Slum Village mention took me back. So I listened to my favorite one of their jams Selfish featuring Kanye West. Reminds me of a time I work sweater vests and ties to school on Tuesdays just because I wanted people to ask me why I was fly. Take a trip with me below.

Indie Track: 

Untitled - Olawumi

This one is kinda funny because it didn't drop yet. I can't reveal the title of track one to Olawumi's upcoming project, thefeels. Just know its odee wavy. I love when friends send me stuff before the world gets it. Yes, I must admit it makes me feel important =). Anytime she collaborates with NOVA excellence is produced. You can really hear growth and song structure from The Calm til now. Until then she's sitting on a lot of music including the CROWNS EP. In the meantime listen to their first collab Queen Shit below.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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