Oct 5, 2015

#InCaseYouMissedItMonday: TO/DAY/MORROW - @hashishbeats feat. @BishopNehru; A Niles P. Joint

Hodgy Beats has been putting in work on Soundcloud recently.  

The rapper/producer from (the defunct?) Odd Future crew put out three tracks at random a couple of weeks ago.  All were dope, but the best of the batch was TO/DAY/MORROW.  I have to admit that I slept on Hodgy; he’s quite nice on the mic. While he may have been overshadowed by any combination of Tyler/Earl/Domo/Frank/Syd before, he forges his own identity here and lyrically illuminates on his own merit. He’s not alone as he invites fellow rap whippersnapper and WTM staff favorite Bishop Nehru to the proceedings. They each spit a verse that ties into the chorus’ message of nothing being promised tomorrow. The beat deserves special attention. Knxwledge devises a beat that’s the aural counterpart to the Earlybird filter on Instagram. The lazy yet conspicuous trumpet allows the listener to envision the young ass emcees hanging out in Florida doing old man leisurely activities (think shuffleboard and backgammon by the pool). Check out the hazy harmonies of TO/DAY/MORROW after the break.


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