Oct 28, 2015

Listen: 300z - @RapperBigPooh @NottzRaw by @Natural_Nation

It’s the kind of song you think of when you think of the word hip-hop. This was my first time listening to Big Pooh and Nottz  and I was a bit surprised. Immediately, it took me back to a time when I used to stay up all night siting in my room, listening to Nas on repeat. The beat is fairly simple but still carries enough weight and impact that it makes you want to nod your head in unison. Instead, the beat draws your ear towards the lyrics and makes you place more focus on the words . If you're looking for a classic hip-hop tone and sound this track will give you what you need. There is absolutely no reminisce of the type “hip-hop” we have grown used to hearing today. No trap queens in sight.


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