Oct 6, 2015

Listen: Hours Spent Loving You - By @spzrkt @SángoBeats Written by @Natural_Nation

It’s not the type of music you would blast in the car. Aside from a song or two the base appeal is fairly mellow. But the artists behind the music are dope… as *bleep*.

Artwork by Sango  
If I had to be honest with myself I like Blind Man better than I like the entire EP, which only speaks to how highly I think of SPZRKT’S latest song. But that is not to say that I don’t like Hours Spent Loving You. For anyone just tuning in to SPZRKT and Sángo I think the EP does a good job at capturing a broad picture of SPZRKT. Although I feel as though it fails to accurately foreshadow the true potential of each artist, particularly Sángo. I think the average individual might give their music a listen, chalk it up as good, and go about their business, possibly missing the opportunity to look further into each of their work. This would be a mistake of course, but still nevertheless a possibility.

A listener with a good ear would pick up on the lyrical content and simple yet effective delivery of portfolio; they would quickly realize how little of his sound they had been exposed to. It was very clear Sángo’s production was tailored to SPZRKT’s sound as many singer producer collaborations go. The result of which, in my opinion, was limiting for Sángo.  But this is only one body of work in a potentially infinite numbers of selections. It is important to have a cohesive theme and tell a story.  As far as collaborations go, this was an excellent choice, with room to grow into something sickening. Although it may not sound like it, I am really excited to hear what these two will come up with in the future.  Who knows? Maybe they’ll even put out another EP. Fingers crossed.

The overall sound of the EP is fairly relaxed. If you’re looking for something a little more upbeat I would check out the last track on the collection called JMK. It is one of my favorites, and actually one of the songs I heard on its own while stumbling upon SPZRKT’s Soundcloud. It’s a song that clearly shows Spazzy’s background in faith based music but Sángo puts a spin on the track that’s reminiscent of Kanye’s sped-up samples. His touch completes the song and delivers a clear single. All in all it’s a solid body of work that deserves everyone’s ear. With artists like these our musical future is looking bright.

A message to the fans:

“Hours Spent Loving You is a summation of how relationships are viewed both earthly and heavenly. This project was created for the people who have deeply supported SPZRKT & Sángo. So in return, they felt it was right by giving thanks, and allowing these people to understand their stories in and out. Enjoy.”
-Soul Selection

Natural_Nation’s Favorite tracks:  The Motive/ Used To the Melody & JMK


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