Oct 26, 2015

Listen: Nothin' - Kris (@MahnameChrist); A Niles P. Joint

     Earlier this year, T’Nah Apex of Brooklyn was set to release her first EP Mint and throw the obligatory release party.  She had some strong buzz based off of numerous collaborations with the likes of Buckshot and Chelsea Reject.  She was always a staff favorite at WTM and me and my editor Ramsey were always floored by her boundless potential, drawing tentative Lauryn Hill comparisons.  Then for reasons that are still unknown the project and party were cancelled at the last minute.  Compounding the confusion was the fact that she changed her stage name from T’Nah Apex to Kris and denounced some of her former content (particular the 47 symbol used by her former crew Pro Era.)  It was unclear where she was headed musically.
Fortunately for all of her fans and the game in general, Kris has returned and blessed us with new music.  Nothin’ is heavily inspired by the classic track Ain’t Sayin’ Nothin’ New by The Roots.  Kris earns her stripes as a triple threat as she’s the producer in addition to her usual credits as emcee and singer.  She hasn’t lost a step at all after her sabbatical, using a flow that breezes between rapping and singing.  The song is though-provoking and simultaneously easy to groove to.  It’s a great song and will both announce her return and introduce her incredible musical skill set to a new audience.  I hope she builds off this and continues her musical journey.  WTM will be watching her career with great interest.  Check it out after the break.


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