Oct 20, 2015

What's New with @KanyeWest

Yesterday was a crazy day in the music world. There were lots of surprise releases of videos and new material from a lot of artists. The biggest surprise was with Kanye West.

I always thought it was interesting seeing mainstream artists on soundcloud. When I think of the streaming service I think about underground acts of all genres and how gems can be found out of the rubble. 

With that being said it's interesting seeing the culture change with someone like Yeezy joining the soundcloud wave. His production and sampling is unrivaled and it'll be interesting to see how that continues as time goes on. Until then, Ye dropped two new tracks yesterday. The first is a remix to Say You Will featuring Caroline Shaw. The 808's hit was done justice and is better than the original. Caroline Shaw's vocals and autotune was perfect for the new production. The second is titled When I See It. The beat is from The Weeknd's Tell Your Friends which was produced by Yeezus himself. Music is usually emotion influenced, so I'm curious what inspired Kanye to revisit these old tunes.Click the links to enjoy the music as I have.
Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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