Nov 30, 2015

#IME Editor's Picks Week of 11-29

Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekends. Mine was full of food, a little bit of overtime at the job, family, and massively overwhelmed with music. I swear everyone and their mother dropped a mixtape either Thanksgiving day or black friday (more on that later). I guess I have to push back my album to another time. I joke, I joke; I kid, I kid. Anyways I have to inform you that I spend no time listening to these projects from the heavy hitters in their entirety this weekend. Let me show you what I have had in the space between my ears.

song on repeat: Soliloquy - Isaiah Rashad

For the longest time I sat patiently waiting for Jay Rock's TDE release. We got that a little while back where I had the pleasure to review it. Rashad offered his vocals on Wanna Ride for his elder statesman.  If I were in charge of the batting order I'd say Isaiah Rashad is on deck to bat next. Been a little bit and I went to listen to Cilvia Demo the project that made me like him in the first place. Although it was short Soliloquy is the hardest track on the project and still has replay value to this day. Listen to Soliloquy below.

Throwback: Funny How Time Flies - Intro 

Thanksgiving with family is always a fun time to reminisce. Whenever I'm with Nick, cuz always passes me the stuff from the barber shop CD's that we haven't heard since we were kids. Today's throwback is courtesy one of those tapes we found in his mom's glove box. Funny How Time Flies by Intro was what I used to listen to before track meets to calm myself down pre-race. I'm surpised this never made the Yam Crammer playlist. Anyways lets go back to 1995 and listen below.

Under the Radar: Da Rocinha 3 - Sango

Okay, my favorite producer dropped the third installment to the Da Rocinha series. It pains me that Sango is someone I would call under the radar. Dude is too talented and all your favorite artists have probably begged him for beats, I'm serious. Doesn't ever let himself succumb to anything but the sound he wants and I really admire that. I always wanted to review a producer tape but that's something we'll tackle in 2016. For now just vibe out to Da Rocinha 3 below and remember where you heard him first. Sidebar: If you ever get the chance to see one of his sets live, please do. His time at Trillectro '14 was lit.

Album of the Week: All Love Lost - Joe Budden

Joe Budden is far from conservative and maybe that's left a bad taste in a lot of fans mouth (or ears for that matter). Frankly, you all are sleeping on the man, just like I have for a long time. The Jersey City spitter dropped All Love Lost a few months back. Didn't have much time to review the project but I must say Joe Budden is such an artist. He unlike many others really gives you a piece of himself. Sure you might be able to catch his antics with his women on reality television but you won't really begin to fathom how deep he is without listening to his albums. Joe Budden is a little sarcastic and funny sometimes but he abandoned Helmet jokes on All Love Lost. Listen to Love I'm Good of that album and see for yourself after the break.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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