Nov 30, 2015

Style: New Apparel @LibreBrand

Freedom of Flyness Jacket on sale $52
Usually anywhere you go in Jersey that's lit you might see someone in a Freedom of Flyness Jacket. 

Whether its a Varsity Jacket, a Biker, Leather, or even the cool one with the sleeves you can associate that with Libre. I've always loved the message associated with the clothes as well. I'd break it down for you but you can catch up with Baruti for that one. Almost two months back they relaunched their site but over the weekend they dropped some new apparel for the masses. If you missed out on Black Friday sales you can still get up on the jackets you know and love for the low. The new come ups include bomber jackets, hockey Crew Necks, and Hoodies. Every dollar spend on the Bomber Jackets is donated to NALO. Their organization is up to some pretty great things if you ask me so it's a worthy investment and an excuse to be fly. As an added bonus if you hit up my main man Issah he might have a promo code for free shipping. Check all of this out on

Libre X Nalo Bomber Jacket $150
Hockey Crew Neck $35

Afroman hoodie $30
Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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