Nov 6, 2015

Watch: Stew Chicken/Ice Cold Nuns - @BennyFrancs; A Niles P. Joint

Even though there’s an overabundance of rappers on Twitter all hawking their lyrical wares via Soundcloud and Bandcamp, sometimes you’ll find a diamond in that rough.  This was the case when an emcee Benny Francs followed me.  Seeing that he had more polish in his presentation than most, I checked out his music and was pleasantly surprised by what I found.  Benny Francs hails from Chicago by way of New York and has a very vintage yet specific sound.  Possessing an affinity for vintage Tommy Hilfiger gear, his sound is inspired by early Wu Tang Clan/Raekwon with a dash of Big L in his vocal inflections. If I told you he came out in ’96 and this was a Throwback Thursday joint, you’d believe it.
His new video for Stew Chicken/Ice Cold Nuns further illustrates his steelo.  Firstly, it’s brilliant that he combined two short songs into one video while giving stylistically appropriate settings to each.  Stew Chicken is mostly set under the lights of a marquee as Francs talks about the simple extravagance of his Tommy gear.  Ice Cold Nuns takes it to the subway which is the perfect aesthetic for the rapid fire flow that Benny Francs employs to demonstrate the prowess/versatility of his flow.  With this video you’re getting a two-for-one deal like no other.  Both of these songs are part of his Sailing Gear Series where he releases a new track biweekly via his Soundcloud.  Check the video after the break. 


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