Dec 7, 2015

In My Ears: Editor's Picks week of 12-6-15

Throwback Jawn: Unbreakable - Michael Jackson featuring The Notorious B.I.G

I woke up early this morning and put my phone on shuffle. The King of Pop is always a wonderful way to start your day. I promise you're favorite has drawn some kind of influence from this man. Everyone will always debate Thriller and Off the Wall being Michael's best albums. That's no debate but my favorite (there's a difference between the best and favorite) has definitely got to be his 2001 offering, Invincible. Not gonna recap the whole album but the first track featured a posthumous verse from Biggie himself. Come on, just not fair. Listen to Unbreakable by Michael (not Janet this time) Jackson below.

Song on Repeat: Tink - Treat Me Like Somebody

Throughout the week I found myself listening to a friend's freestyle to this so much I went back and listened to the original. Over, and over, and over. It also doesn't help my ex covered this in a poem she performed a little while ago. Feel free to call me a sap, I am one. Now, for those of you wondering why Tink was featured on XXL's freshman list this year listen and see why below, Treat Me Like Somebody.

Under the Radar: Syd - Smile More

Last week Syd the Kid of The Internet dropped some music on her own. It's always fire hearing from her. In Smile More she really shows off her jazzy voice in this one. I can see myself 40 years old dancing with my wife in our living room to this. Listen for yourself below. Oh sidebar, shoutouts to the Internet's Ego Death with the Grammy nod this year, well deserved.

Projects of the Week:  BUSH - Snoop Dogg (Lion, whatever) & Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Urbana Flora

Earlier this year when we interviewed Joe College we spoke a little off camera about our favorite projects of the year thus far. He mentioned this one by Snoop I think a lot of people missed out on. Start to finish BUSH is pretty dope. My favorite track is California Roll which enlists the talents of Pharell and Stevie Wonder. Nothing but net. This week I also took the time to listen to Alina Baraz. You're probably asking who is that. It's okay, I was too. I don't know much about her but her project with Galimatias is an awesome listen. This one was a referral by a friend who knows my ear well. We sat in her apartment and listened while sipping some vino. Anyone who knows me knows I like new age R&B with a synth and bouncy production. It's almost eerie. This needs to be listened to through speakers not headphones. Let me know what you think. Listen to California Roll and Urbana Flora in it's entirety below.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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