Dec 30, 2015

Listen: Backseat - @RealAriLennox feat Cozz (@cody_macc), Written by: @Natural_Nation

Right off the bat I have no choice but to notice the resemblance between the voice of Ari Lennox and Erykah Badu in this particular song.

This is funny to me only because I went on a short rant the other day about how there was NO ONE out here that sounded like Erykah and how crazy it must be to feel that unique. But then here she is, in 2015, music, voice, aura and all. Backseat is smoooth. There is really no better way to describe this Revenge of The Dreamers II track other then that. Lust and sex is often a muse for music and something most people can relate to. However, this is a song about sex that doesn't feel overtly sexual. It's something you simply vibe to. But hey, I feel you girl; brown skin drives me crazy too and sometimes you just have to sing about it. If you want to check out some other tracks by Lennox you can visit her SoundCloud but listen to Backseat below.


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