Dec 1, 2015

Listen: Riot City - @BetterDAnyall

A month back TrapDan's TRAPDAN & FRIENDS project released to the public. The producer tape included talent we know like Khalil Kibran and 185.

The tape also included some new names like Mista Splurge (whom got a consign from our intern Jacob) A-Lauréen Davis, Saint, and Kas. The tape is full of hits and grabbed he attention of everyone in the area and on my timeline. You seriously need to take the time to bump this beat tape. I'm impressed by the talent and assists he used and his own vast sounds and beats. It's nice to hear producers in Jersey making a name for themselves outside of the club scene. Riot City is by far my favorite cut on the tape. The beat variations are dope and it has a cypher feeling. The beat changes as a new artist comes on the mic complimenting their own sound well and showing how versatile TrapDan is on the fly. Listen to Riot City which features talent from Josh Truest, Khalil, Doublecup Dollar, and OHWON. You can stream that on soundcloud after the break.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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