Jan 21, 2016

Editor's Picks: Week of 1-17-15

Album of the Week: Perfectly Imperfect - Elle Varner

This weeks album of the week for me serves as a slight throwback. It's funny what you find when you click shuffle on your phone. Perfectly Imperfect by Elle Varner was number five on my R&B AOTY 2012 if you've been riding with us that far back. I know everyone is wondering where Frank Ocean is but I could use a little Elle Varner. Songs like Refill and Only Wanna Give it To You featuring J. Cole will do that to you.

Song on Repeat: Father Figure - Omen

It's Lit! I think I've been saying that everyday for the past week. I'm still on a high of excitement because my God-daughter was born last week. I've been prepping for an Elephant Eyes review in the next coming week and this song just came on for me, and again, and again. I don't relate but my boy grew up without his pops so this is a song I've heard him spit without ever once going to the studio. Deep stuff. Look out for the review next week.

Throwback Jawn: You got me - The Roots & Erykah Badu

On the way to Philly for some business earlier this week Things Fall Apart was the playlist. When in Rome right? Sometimes it's good to listen to the classics and remind yourself why you listen to hip-hop in the first place. The Legendary Roots band, legendary spitter Black Thought, and legendary vocalist Erykah Badu on the same song. Music really was amazing back in the day. Take a trip with me.

 Underground: Seduction - Samad SaVage

Issah passed this young brother to me. I heard the instrumental to Electric Relaxation but slightly adjusted in the percussion. After that he immediately had my ear. The Montclair emcee shows great song structure, originality, and just sheer bars. Dude's got talent. "You know what this song is about bro?" Issah asks me. "Nah I missed it wassup?" "Abstinence." I'm impressed because he spits about his lifestyle instead of the trend of today: Money, Cars, Clothes, Hoes. There's more to the world than that huh? Listen for yourself below.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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