Jan 25, 2016

#ICYMIMonday: Moments of Weakness Live by @sidsriram (Written by @Natural_Nation)

Based in California this incredibly talented and soulful artist has had my ear since I have been in college. In this video, Sid Sriram gives us a live rendition of his latest song Moments of Weakness. Whether it's his vocal incorporation of classical Hindustani music or the calming tone of his voice this live version has become my new favorite Sid Sriram tracks. Sid has one of those voices that makes you close your own eyes as he sings, it's buttery and enticing. So, in case you missed it here is the live version of Moments of Weakness with the original recording below. Make sure to look out for his upcoming project Insomniac Season and check out some of my favorite tracks and covers listed below.

@Natural_Nation's favorites:
-Winter Mind
-Life Round Here


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