Jan 22, 2016

Review: Malibu - @AndersonPaak

Brandon Anderson Paak aka Anderson .Paak released his sophomore album Malibu last week. The Californian is not new to the music scene. His soulful, raspy voice was featured on a few tracks on Dr. Dre’s Compton last year. He also released an EP called Venice in 2014. Boy, this guy loves California. The artistry is evident as Paak make the whole album flow as a full body of work. Let’s get into the tracks.

The Bird - Super slow and soulful and takes you to a dream state. Mama was a farmer, papa was a farmer. This first track lets you know that you’re about to go down the rabbit hole. So enjoy the ride.

Heart Don't Stand a Chance - The first of many love songs. He refers to her heart being under siege because of his ways of persuasion.

The Waters (feat. BJ the Chicago Kid) - The waters that he is stepping into is the waters of stardom. The different waves that it brings are unusual, but with each on he washed and learns another lesson. 

The Seasons / Carry Me -  The two part title matches the two part song. The tempo starts off faster but almost halfway through he slows down to talk about his past, in particular his mother.

Put Me Thru - Jazzy and upbeat. We start to see a change in rhythm and  style, a stark change from the first two tracks.

Am I Wrong (featuring ScHoolboy Q) - Disco soul sound that you can get down to. He chose a dance beat to dance around the subject of the connection between dancing and sex. Clever. SchoolBoy Q also drops a few bars after the first two verses. 

Without You (feat. Rapsody) - The typical “can’t live with ‘em and can’t without em” song. The track has two perspectives the man’s played by Paak and the female’s perspective is played by Rapsody. She spits about  the man being a product of the relationship he was born out of, while Anderson says the life that a woman lives makes the woman in the relationship. Interesting stuff here. 

Parking Lot - The seductive lyrics contrast with the electro sounds. It revolves around a mystery girl that seems to always stay elusive to him.

Lite Weight (The Free Nationals United Fellowship Choir) -  I haven’t decided exactly what Paak refers to in this track. It seems like an addiction. To sex? alcohol? maybe both. The verses repeat themselves and the chorus is sung by the Free Nationals choir.

Room in Here (feat. The Game and Sonya Elise) - “I got a bullet in my heart and she’s the shooter” who knew that the Game was so sentimental?  He opens up about  stalking  a girl on Facebook and looking through her pictures (good to know girls aren't the only ones that do that!

Water Fall - The interlude (or “interluuube”) is pretty explicit; two minutes of sensuality. 

Your Prime - He really wants this girl to come back to bed with him. How do I know?  He only says it about 27 times. Hey, I guess persistence is key.

Come Down - Talks about the high that he blames on his friends, but he doesn't exactly want to come down. 

Silicon Valley - Paak shows his audience that he isn’t shallow. He tells the woman who hide their insecurities behind cosmetic surgery, clothes, and make up  their heart is what he really looks for in a lady. 

Celebrate - That’s exactly what he does. His town, his family, his progress, his life: all of it get acknowledgement in this track. It’s a real feel-good song. 

The Dreamer (Talib Kweli and Tinman Family Choir) - From “I wanted them Nikes, mama got me Lugz” to “I’m a product of the tube and the free lunch” the album finished with an ode to the struggle. Kweli sends a message to all of the dreamers to make theirs struggle into something beautiful, like he did.

This is R&B. To be honest, I probably wouldn't hear many of these songs on the radio, and I mean that as a compliment. It’s not the watered down soul that fits the pop sound of the mainstream radio. I hope for Anderson .Paak’s sake I’m wrong, because he deserves to be heard. Overall this guy has a crazy good voice, and this is an artistically deep album.

rating 4.0 out of 5.0

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