Feb 29, 2016

#ICYMIMonday: Dudley Boyz - @WESTSIDEGUNN feat. @ActionBronson, prod. @Alchemist; A Niles P. Joint

Westside Gunn is a hard rapper to keep up with.  Dude’s been in high demand it seems, as he’s featured on a new song damn near every week.  Last week, he released Dudley Boyz featuring Action Bronson.  It was so good I had to revisit it.  Named after the popular wrestling tag team, Bronsolino bullies the track before tagging Gunn for the knockout.  It clocks in at a hair over two minutes, it feels more grand than that.  This can be attributed to the symphonic string section which powers the song.  The Alchemist adds to his impressive production resume with this one.  Dude could probably score a major motion picture or conduct an orchestra at this point.  The juxtaposition of two hard NY rappers over such beautiful production is why I love this genre.  Listen to Dudley Boyz after the break and look out for my review of Westside Gunn’s forthcoming album FLYGOD coming soon.  


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