Feb 18, 2016

Review: Begin - @LionBabe Review (written by @AQueens_Crown)

Meet Lion Babe a funky soulful duo based out of New York. 

Coming together after they met at a party, the pair is made up of singer Jillian Hervey (Vanessa Williams' daughter) and producer Lucas Goodman. Signed to Interscope following the release of their first single in 2012 Treat Me Like Fire. Later releasing their self-titles debut EP in 2014. They recently released an album Begin. Here are some thoughts on a couple of tracks.

            A strong almost dark song about being to real for this man.

Jump Hi (featuring Childish Gambino)       
           It's reminiscent of any classic J Dilla beat. This was the only song with a feature on the project. Reaching for the stars then Gambino comes in and lays down some bars of his own.

Wonder Woman
            Watch out a wonder woman is coming through taking on all that comes her way.  Pharrell Williams wrote and produced the song and even leads some vocals.

             You can’t break her down its impossible. Fast paced drums in the beat reminding me of a timberland beat.
Stressed OUT!        
            Stressed out with things going on in your life. Take a break and enjoy the little things.
Where Do We Go"
            Dance hall 80s disco vide. This is the song that demonstrations the essence of Lion Babe. Funky, Fresh, music that isn’t heard on the charts most days. Yet still carries a spirt of freedom that can't be contained by the charts.          

Got Body    
             Celebrating all different body types. In an age slowly beginning to praise all the different body types more instead of a photo shopped copied image. Serving as a voice to let people know that there is nothing wrong with your curves, love the things that make you.

Everyday Life          
            The beat is slow down and gives an airy feeling. She sings about not worrying about the mistakes in the past because

Treat Me Like Fire
            The original single that started off their start as Lion Babe.

Little Dreamer
            Soft ballad about dreaming big. Mermaids, Lost Boys, and Raindows the things you dreamed about when you were little. But as an adult she still holds on to these dreams.  

The whole album brings funk and soul mixed together in a new context. Hervey’s vocals are similar to Erykah Badu signature voice but she brings her own flavor to it. Her lyrics showcase an independent thinking women fearful of no person and determined to live out her dreams. Goodman’s production gives the Hervey’s the perfect stage to let her voice take off. His use of techniques mastered by producers like J Dilla, and Flying Lotus showcase his ability to add a modern twist on things down in the past.I see the duo rocking it out at all the stages this summer, getting the crowd jumping and dancing.


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