Feb 5, 2016

Review: Goodie (The Appetizer) by @weareGoodGirl , Written by: @Natural_Nation

R&B is making a come back...and it's coming from Philly. Good Girl, a girl group based in Philadelphia, PA, recently released their 4th mini project this past January titled Goodie (The Appetizer.) On this EP, Good Girl continues to give us good music, good vibes, and great vocals. The group consists of four young women: Megan, JL, Bobbie, and Arielle.
"We're calling it appetizer because it is a little taste or sneak peak of what we've been working on for the real full length mixtape we're gonna put out soon. So many of our fans (#goodiegang) had been asking for original music and we didn't wanna make them wait. We decided to drop something short and sweet as a prep for the real thing coming soon." -JL
The EP is an easy listen and a well rounded five tracks.
Gimmie Your Love starts the EP off up-tempo. As soon as the song comes on it's clear it is going to be a fan favorite. The track is laced instrumentally and vocally. This is a great introduction for listeners to experience how vocally in sync this group is.

Goodie is a great example of a group on their way to building a brand. The song encompasses all the key components of a hit record with the added bonus of a dance already catching speed on social media. The chorus is extremely catchy and the girls continue to show their talent in wordplay.

1st To Say is one of my favorite songs on the EP. The girls give us a classic R&B love song filled with feelings of eagerness and hesitation. The track starts off with a sample from Mya's song Best of Me and Bobbie's voice adds a gentle touch perfect for the innocent vibe of this song.

It's Too Soon is a story many of us know all to well. The work of a difficult relationship and trying to get over someone you used to have feelings for. The relatable content is going to have a few people singing in their cars with a bottle of wine buckled up in the passenger seat.

Make It Last is another one of my favorite songs. It samples Keith Sweat's hit song Make It Last Forever. Displaying their talent in vocal arrangement and harmonies, Good Girl ends the EP on a strong note with an R&B classic. Goodie (The Appetizer) is available for download on iTunes and you can access their previous projects on their SoundCloud page.

Natural_Nations favorite's
[1st To Say]
[Make It Last]

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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