Mar 7, 2016

Editorial Review: Practice EP - @wavyquave

A project, a name change, and a year later Quave returns to the scene. It's always a short gap in between projects because he's in the military but it leads to a lot of culture shock and a variety of sounds. That's always been something I looked forward to for Quave.

Practice EP is just five tracks, it includes two features and is just rap. Quality control is important on short tapes. You're not offering much to be heard so what you giving must be impeccable. Did that happen? Keep reading.

The tape begins with the age old Allen Iverson Practice speech in the introduction that blends nicely with the Neighborhoodnard produced beat. Quave laces a quick 16 to take over the last minute and a half of the track. Practice (Intro) is a great preface to who Quave is if this is the first time you've heard him. Quave likes his super produced where ALL MY and EVERYTHING LIT follow up. We did previously hear these songs before the EP dropped but they still retain replay value and it's nice music to pregame to in the G-ride.

SUMMER NIGHTS is probably my favorite track on here. The beat wasn't distracting and the multiple flows were finessed throughout the song. Quave is assisted by Imani Aray who steals the show on her verse. Seems to me that the League is ready to kick off in the first quarter in 2016. The EP ends with MURDER SHE WROTE featuring frequent collaborator Wil G. The beat samples Don't by Bryson Tiller and it's dope as hell. Quave blesses this one easy and Wil does really well on a hook. The two prove a real one-two punch.

After listening to Practice EP I'm impressed. Quave really is a rap fan. There's pros and cons to everything of course. In our discussions I deduced that there was one hump he'd have to get over to be next level. When you have a great ear and you really love the music sometimes you allow your outside ear to influence your creative process. The second Quave found out the kind of artist he wanted to be was the second he went from good to great. After our Q&A, I knew he always had the content and the stories to tell. The military and traveling will do that for you. He really just had to figure out a way to channel it. Practice is over. I think Quave is ready for the game. I think it's time we all just tuned in. I'm curious what's going to come next from Quave and the League. He says it's League Season, Let's see. Practice EP gets 3.75 on the Ramsey Rating Scale. Listen to Practice EP below.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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