Mar 23, 2016

Listen: Garlic and Oil - @MeyhemLauren feat. @ActionBronson; A Niles P. Joint

Meyhem Lauren’s star has been rising in the past year or so.  On the heels of appearing on a successful tour and TV show (Fuck, That’s Delicious on Viceland) with childhood friend Action Bronson, he’s been steadily releasing audio heat rocks.  The latest is Garlic and Oil. This time, Bronsolino is the guest on Laurenovich’s musical tour.  The song actually is a two for one deal by way of a beat switch in the middle.  The first half is produced by DJ Shadow, who samples his own song in 2002’s Six Days.  Keeping with the travel theme, it sounds like it was made to play in the background while the two Queens chums and their crew ride motorcycles & dirt bikes through the Colombian jungle.  The second half of the song is produced by A Villa.  Ironically enough, this portion sounds like it was constructed to be played during dessert time at a traditional Spanish villa.  You can picture these dudes eating mango crème brûlée while being surrounded (somewhat inexplicably) by a dozen naked models from Medellín.  Listen to Garlic and Oil after the break and look out for our review of Meyhem Lauren’s forthcoming album Piatto D’Oro coming soon.


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