Mar 3, 2016

Listen: Guns And Butter - @iamcormega feat. @GUNPLAYMMG, prod: @HarryFraud; A Niles P. Joint

I’m going to let you guys in on a writing secret.  If I see one of my favorite rappers has a new release and I don’t cover it, I legitimately feel bad.  It’s like I was disloyal or something.  So when Cormega took to SoundCloud to release Guns And Butter recently, I knew it had to get a write up.  Hell, I feel bad for not putting it out earlier.  Anyway, the song is inspired by the movie Baby Boy.  It uses multiple dialogue clips intercut between verses, specifically focusing on Ving Rhames lecturing on what’s actually important in life.  

The track itself actually starts off with Gunplay of MMG, who is lowkey becoming a guest appearance kingpin.   Here, he schools wannabe tough guys that really aren’t about that life.  Mega continues his evolution from hustler to hip hop philosopher on the second verse.  The Queensbridge luminary drops some real gems to help the next generation stay on the straight and narrow.  Harry Fraud provides gorgeous production that’s centered around cinematic violins and modern percussion.  This is one of the most important songs you’ll hear this year.  Knowledge is power and you can strengthen your mind with this song.  Hip hop is beautiful.  Check out Guns And Butter after the break.


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